The game


Experience side-scrolling, stage-based multiplayer action in Knights of Valour. Play with up to 3 friends at once in the fantastic 4-player online coop mode. Choose your favorite character with unique attributes that best suit your individual playstyle. Collect powerful equipment and learn new skills to enhance your characters' abilities.


The story

After defeating the Yan Emperor in the Battle of Banquan, the legendary Yellow Emperor has gained absolute power over all rulers in the world. The descendants of the Yan Emperor barely managed to escape the merciless persecution of the Yellow Emperor's henchmen. After generations of hiding and secretly regaining their strength, the descendants of Yan decide to get their vengeance on the Yellow Emperor. In the midst of the tumultuous Three Kingdoms period they free an ancient evil, breaking the ancient seal that kept the snake demon Xiangliu imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, with the help of Xianglu the descendants are ready to wreak havoc and reclaim leadership over the world in the name of the Yan Emperor...


Daily login rewards
After buying the Knights of Valour Super Pack, you will receive daily rewards every time you log in! All rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox!
Level up rewards
After buying the Knights of Valour Super Pack, you can level up these 4 characters to receive special items and materials! Reach level 19 to collect your first great reward! All rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox!
Richman Day
Receive extra silver!


Choose your hero from more than 6 individual customizable characters, each of them with unique skills, talents and combos. Equip your hero wisely to boost their skills for the challenging fights and bosses in Knights of Valour.


A powerful and loyal fighter, Guan Yu spreads fear among his enemies with his sharp blade and dragon skills. His name is legion!


Men fall for her in droves, but little do they know that this female spy is using herself as a weapon... until Diao Chan takes them on a flight to heaven.


The valiant general is a real storm on the battlefield! Thunder and lightning are Xiahou Dun's allies. He will not hesitate to deploy them in the war out here, where strength means justice.


She controls the battlefield with her arrows. Huang Yun has inherited the skills of her ancestor and even though she seems like a vivacious girl, more than anything she is pure and deadly!


Don't let his cold demeanor lead you astray! Zhao Yun is a fighter filled with passion and with a spear that pierces true evil. Never underestimate his speed in a fight.


Being a master of all five elements, Zuo Ci is an unpredictable opponent. Just like the agenda of the immortal figher is a well kept secret, too.



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